It is indisputable that new technologies are changing the world and because of its rapid progress it is difficult to predict what really awaits us in the future. Investing in knowledge and technology is the only way for development, so there's no surprise when annual surveys show that software developers and analysts for business solutions development are the most wanted ICT experts.

About twenty years of successful Penta`s operating is the result of teamwork, organization that each year counts an increasing number of workers who with their knowledge, desire for learning and innovation ensure its further progress and sure path to success.

Therefore, show us that you are the person we're looking for and will be a perfect fit for our highly motivated, active team. Show us your self initiative, dynamism, acquired knowledge, the desire to learn, autonomy in work, proactivity and good analytical skills. Accept the challenge and send us your CV by email to [email protected].

Follow the job ads we will publish on our website, as well as at website Moj Posao,