Intervertebral disc patch — (IVD patch) relieves low back pain

The goal of the project "Intervertebral disc patch—(IVD patch) solves low back pain" is to develop an innovative method of treating low back pain (IVD patch) along with a complementary software solution for standardising radiological findings and monitoring progress in disc regeneration in the rehabilitation phase. As a result of the implementation of research, development and innovation activities, it responds to the needs of the medical sector and in its nature is in accordance with the priority area S3, HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

The target group and end users of the IVD patch are patients of the Medico Special Hospital with low back pain. The target group of the software solution is the manufacturers of magnetic resonance devices, while the end users are also patients with low back pain.
The project is based on the cooperation of the project holder Special Hospital for Surgery Medico and the project partner Penta d.o.o.. The aforementioned cooperation will be based on specific knowledge and expertise that will be networked with each other to achieve the ultimate goal of the project through research and development activities. The subject of the project is a research process that is expected to result in two related innovations: IVD PATCH and SOFTWARE SOLUTION FOR STANDARDIZATION OF RADIOLOGICAL FINDINGS.

Activities to be carried out: preparation of clinical research, clinical research, application of autologous IVD patches, clinical and neuroradiological monitoring. TRL PHASE: the specified method is expected to reach the TRL4 level at the end of the first phase of industrial research. At the end of the experimental research phase, it will reach the level of TRL7.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Beneficiary: Specijalna bolnica za kirurgiju MEDICO
Project partner PENTA d.o.o.
The total project value: 15.510.294,06 kn
Amount co-financed by the EU: 


7.375.844,21 kn
Implementation period: 36 months (30.09.2020.-30.09.2023.)
Project manager: Zlatko Kolić doc. dr. sc. dr. med.(MEDICO)
[email protected]
Project asistent: Andrea Mihaljević Pulić, dipl.oec. (PENTA d.o.o.)
[email protected]