The increase in the number of vehicles leads to even greater demand for free parking spaces in the city and it is necessary to enable quality parking systems that will provide complete access control with a quick and simple way of payment. 

The accelerated pace of life and everyday commitments determine the priorities and the needs of people, thus today is almost unthinkable that each family has no at least one motor vehicle.

Data from Central Bureau of Statistics show that in Croatia in 2013 are done 1,902,630 vehicles registrations, which is 0,4 percent more than in 2012 with the number of registered vehicles growing for the first time by 15,3 percent, 67,511.

SuperPARK systems offer complete, high-quality solutions, payment and parking control systems for closed-type parking spaces such as garages, commercial city parking lots, non-commercial hotel parking, etc. SuperPARK systems are particularly suitable for parking surveillance, where is in addition to the standard payment system based on time spent on the parking lot, in a very easy way possible to park without payment or with payment with a certain discount, but only for a specified category of parking users (eg discount for costumers in shopping malls, free parking for hotel guests...).

In addition to traditional payment to the cashier, it is also possible to make payment at the automatic ticket machines that accept coins, banknotes and credit cards, via SMS or prepaid cards. The main feature of automatic ticket machines is ease of use by using a touch screen and intuitive user guidance with the on-screen instructions in the form of animations.

In places where it is impossible to install classic systems (ramps, doors, chains), the lifting bollards then become the optimal solution for preventing passage in city centers, squares, pedestrian zones and residential quarters.

The system can be upgraded with access control by vehicle license plate recognition or by opening the entrance ramps with a call from mobile phone and recognizing the phone number. It enables vehicle detection by vehicle license plate recognition system and its application in surveillance and control systems, payment systems at parking lots, in garages, autocamps, theft protection, toll/bridge/tunnel payments.

Drivers leaving their vehicles at the parking lots require the certainty that the vehicles will be kept and protected from the inadequacy of individuals and unacceptable actions. For that reason, SuperPARK systems can be upgraded with video surveillance, which consists of high-quality external video recorders and digital recorders that store the recorded events with confidence.


If you want to save your own space on street parking lots, we highly recommend SuperPARK UNIPARK parking space guards, stylish and compact devices, manual or automatic, to protect individual parking places from unauthorized stops and unconscientios drivers.

Find out more about the idividual components of the SuperPARK system in the Product section.



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  • SIRIO d.o.o. Umag
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