Due to experience in the development of automatic identification system, Penta`s experts will offer you quality service of information system design that integrate computer equipment (hardware), software (sowtware) and business organization.

Depending on the complexity of the business system in which it is necessary to implement an ITsystem, it`s neccessary to define level of project complexity.

Information Systems involves following activities:

- strategic planning of information systems

- analysis of current business system

- gathering requirements from user

- analysis of the collected information/data

- definition and development of program support

- purchase and/or own production of system electronic devices 

- testing and delivery

- user training

- put in trial operation and full production

It is very important that these activities are organized through a quality project in order to clearly define the tasks, roles, responsibilities of participants and deadlines for implementation.

The goal of any information system is to meet specified requirements and needs, to meet business objectives, but also that the price of IT system is reasonable/acceptable.

Depending of the required information system Penta forms professional project team that carries out the activities of design so instead of the traditional "ad hoc" approach, we are offering modern approach (integrated applications, documentation designed with more graphical/tabular view and less narrative, systematic development approach, task documentation, process documentation, app correction in case of new requirements...)

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