System Support

End user satisfaction is basic duty of every supplier, therefore the IT support department becomes an essential part of the organizational structure each system integrator. If a potential user whose main activity is not directly related to information technology employed additional experts for IT support, soon he would realize that such an option due to the amount of wages and the need for continuous investment in education more expensive than engagement systems integrator that has the same solution and implemented.

Any request for software support goes throuh a clearly defined process: receipt and processing of request, entire work process monitoring, resolving and finally request storage/recording for post analyses purpose and possible improvements of applications.

Good communication with the customer is the basis for providing fast and efficient program support, so we made available several ways for requirements registration/submit: telephone support, support from a distance via Internet, support per call and arrival at the customer's location.

Simple requirements will be resolved via telephone, by giving detailed instructions to the user, but usually developers will connect to the users computer, to catch the essence of the problem, analyse it and resolve it promptly and efficiently from a remote location. Due to the Internet access, program support could be provided regardless of whereever the company headqurter is.


IT support benefits from remote location:

- fast diagnostics, requirements analysis and efficient solving

- professional request approach 

- simultaneous work of developers in order to dealing quickly

- covering multiple locations simultaneously

- requirements receipt with a minimum response time


Despite technological achievements, sometimes program support will be necessary to conduct on-site. In that case, service will be also fast, You`ll get good quality with minimal response time.

Penta as a system integrator commits to provide program support services for each user - maintenance and software development within the warranty period. The warranty includes correction or harmonization when there`s change in regulations/provisions, correction of any errors in application, but also the application upgrade with latest version. Upon the expiration of the warranty period, existing customers will be offered cooperation in the framework of the standard and/or above standard maintenance.