Today, most organizations have a need for access control, however not every access control solution is in line with the needs of the organization. Access control systems prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facilities or some part of the facility and enable control of working hours and monitoring of events - the movement of persons around the facility.

ePASS is a common name for Penta's access control and time registration system applicable in closed facilities (business premises, clubs) as well as public facilities. ePASS is an information system platform for ticket sales and access control, currently used in sports halls, stadiums, cultural institutions and nature parks. This adapted system works flawlessly in the field, open areas with weaker infrastructure, and even in areas without any infrastructure. It effectively connects the work of all services within institutions, from remote points of sale to control within facilities, parks and the supervision of professional services.


- an effective solution for ticket sales and access control
- platform is adapted to difficult working conditions
- facilitates the work of employees without borrowing tickets
- electronic records and reports of all sales and controlled tickets in real time
- ticket manipulation and reuse is reduced to a minimum
- system adapted to the requirements and needs of users, with the ability to upgrade
- central system of ticket sales with an unlimited number of partners and external sales channels

Below we briefly present the main functionalities of the ePASS system:


- ticket sales at fixed points of sale using a computer with minimal technical requirements
- ticket sales via laptops and smartphones in the field
- ticket sales via the Agent’s website and WebShop
- ticket sales through partners and external channels selling


- control, activation and cancellation of tickets on inputs via laptops and smartphones
- connection to turnstile tripods and electronic systems barriers
- interconnection of all devices and employees on the field
- control, reset and activation functionality according to user requirements


 - display of sold and controlled tickets in real life time
- management and monitor from any computer
- employee performance reports, workloads points of sale the current number of visitors
- supervision of all tickets sold either from by employees, through websites, partners or external sales channels
- automatic data transfer to accounting programs

Supported ticket types in the ePASS system are paper tickets (single ticket), mobile phone cards (single and subscription card) and contactless cards (single and subscription card).

The access control system can be upgraded with a video surveillance system, an electronic system with a high-security function. This system has become more and more sought after in production control, business facilities, traffic regulation... If the access control system - video sureillance also implies the registration of working hours system, such a system must comply with the provisions of the Private Protection Act (Official Gazette 68/03, 31/10, 139/10) and related regulations. Penta has the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for performing the activities of private - technical protection, and employs staff with a successfully completed professional qualification exam for performing technical protection tasks.

One of the latest references for the ePASS access control system is the "Morača Sports Center" in Podgorica (Montenegro), where a ticket sales and access control system consisting of a full-height turnstile / electronic door for entrance control, ticket sales subsystems and an access control subsystem. All electronic gates are equipped with electronic ticket validators and RFID card readers. It is noteworthy that each component of the ticketing and entry control system is Penta’s own product.


MORAČA SPORTS CENTER, Podgorica, Montenegro
NK ISTRA 1961, Pula, Croatia
BC BUDUĆNOST VOLI, Podgorica, Montenegro
HNK ŠIBENIK, Šibenik, Croatia
PANNONICA TUZLA, complex of salty Pannonian lakes Tuzla, BIH
SP LASTA A.D. Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Stara Pazova, Avala (Serbia)
PULA PARKING d.o.o. Pula, Croatia