IT Equipment Servicing

It is almost impossible to imagine today a job which does not have computer equipment, therefore it is important that equipment is reliable and that eventual failures are eliminated in shortest possible time. Customers expect from their seller to provide them fast and efficient service repair, in order that their business operating could be successful and that could avoid lengthy and costly setbacks in their work.

PENTA employs professional team with experience, specialized in maintenance and IT equipment repair, including the repair of most sensitive electronic circuitry. When receiving a repaire request, every failure is thoroughly analyzed not only in order to eliminate breakdowns, but in order to determine the need and the possibility of replacing certain components, finding better suppliers and after all create products that meet customer requirements.

Equipment servicing include following:

- receiving service requests and contact with customers in order to solve them

- diagnostics failure service

- agreement how collection and delivery of equipment will be realized

- equipment servicing in and out of warranty period

- field work per call and emergency work at user\'s location

- spare parts installation and supply

- technical improvements and equipment upgrade

- technical support via e-mail, phone...

- option of the additional maintenance Agreement

Purchased equipment which meets warranty terms and it`s accompanied by invoice and/or warranty declaration,  will be repaired in shortest time with no charge. Customer is aware that warranty starts on the purchase day and the duration and warranty conditions depend on the type of equipment specified in  invoice and attached warranty declaration.

Every reclamation request must be done in written form, by e-mail ([email protected]), fax (+385 52 214 265) or post office at the address of authorized service center (PENTA d.o.o., Seve 50, 52100 Pula).

Each repair is a new challenge for Penta's professional team so we invite you to confide us and we will justify it and help you in resolving service requests.