According to the call for project proposals "Integrator", the successful project application resulted on December 7, 2020 in the signing of the Grant Agreement between the company PENTA d.o.o. and the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment. The grant was awarded to implement a project SMART ECO PARKING, which is is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project represents the transition of the current urban mobility through the innovative service "SMART ECO PARKING" and the innovative product "SMART PARKING" offering intelligent transport solutions for urban and stationary traffic (parking) and the development of green infrastructure and reducing the impact of climate change in urban areas. The project consortium consists of PENTA d.o.o., SENSUM d.o.o. and 3 E PROJEKTI d.o.o., which each in its field of activity offers and complements an innovative complementary service and product that will be new in the target markets with the support of the integrator ECORYS HRVATSKA d.o.o. which will provide greater added value and market representation in the target market.

The project aims to establish cooperation between PENTA, SENSUM and 3E PROJEKTI through the establishment of a consortium (consortium cooperation department, expert team) in order to create an innovative service "SMART ECO PARKING" and the product "SMART PARKING" with their knowledge, resources and innovation capacities, by establishing a long-term supplier relationship with the integrator, the company ECORYS HRVATSKA d.o.o. create more excellent added value and market representation.

The innovative service and product that emerges as a result of cooperation are related to sustainable urban mobility and intelligent transport solutions. They offer solutions for sustainable transport in urban areas and traffic at rest (parking).

Beneficiary PENTA d.o.o.
Project partners SENSUM d.o.o.
3 E PROJEKTI d.o.o.
Integrator ECORYS HRVATSKA d.o.o.
The total project value: 5.229.742,70 HRK
Amount co-financed by the EU 2.473.328,25 HRK
Implementation period: 01.12.2020. – 01.12.2022.
Project manager: Duška Šaša (SENSUM d.o.o.)
[email protected]
Financial - administrative assistant:


Melisa Demarin, (PENTA d.o.o.)
[email protected]
Technical - development coordinator: Matej Živković, mag.oec. (3 E PROJEKTI d.o.o.)
[email protected]