IT Systems Maintenance

The excesses of information systems are unpredictable and undesirable, but unfortunately, sooner or later are inevitable event. Usually, You cannot take away at the service department and leave it there until the problem is resolved. Also you cannot afford to wait visit of servicer, because within the system down every lost day or hour is precious.

Experience tells us that classical maintenance "to call" mostly meets the needs in some systems that are not critical for work process. For critical components, especially those of complex systems, successfully enabling the smooth operation requires a higher degree of organization and coordination. That's why we offer our users a cooperation with the agreement of the system maintenance.

Good system maintenance reduces probability of failure and downtime to a minimum, but also provides priority treatment within the stipulated time when the need is high, in a moment of crisis.

The agreement of system maintenance provides a number of benefits:

- priority processing with assured response time

- free preventive care

- free support and consulting from a remote location

- discount for new app version

- discounts on services and spare parts

- extended warranty

For systems that constitute the main part of the business information system, rapid intervention is of decisive importance. Agreement of system maintenance will ensure a priority processing with the shortest response time. Thus, downtime or system failure is reduced to a minimum.