One card, with a world of features and solutions – AMANDA, Autonomous self-powered miniaturized sensor for intelligent environmental sensing and asset tracking in smart IoT environments

PENTA is a partner in the Horizon 2020 AMANDA project funded by the European Union.

The project partners include CERTH (Thessaloniki, Greece) as the Project Coordinator, IMEC institute (Antwerp, Netherlands), Zurich University of applied sciences (Winterthur, Switzerland), Microdul (Zurich, Switzerland), Lightricity (Oxford, England), Ilika (Southampton, England) and PENTA (Pula, Croatia).

The AMANDA project is a research innovation project. The main objective of the project is to explore and implement the possibility of producing a multi-sensing autonomous card.

In a credit card size and a maximum thickness of 3 mm, we will try to implement a range of at least seven (7) independent sensors with the ability to read data over a wireless network to a data tracking system. The requirement of the project is also confirmed by the fact that the implemented sensors can be purchased in a free sale, and they must not be specially designed and customized for the project. This ensures that the final product price is fully acceptable. Temperature, capacitive, image, and COsensor will be developed by project partners.

The card's autonomy will be ensured by the photovoltaic module - "solar cell". The module's specificity is the ability to collect light from a variety of light sources, from the most powerful, such as the sun to the dim light of an ordinary home light bulb. Batteries supplying electrical power are 0.3 mm thick electronic elements. The battery life is 10 years.

LoRa, BLE and NFC wireless networks will be used as the data transfer environment.

We expect that after the successful completion of the project, the autonomous multisensing card will find its wide application in IoT technology-supported solutions, such as solutions in the sphere of smart cities, agroculture, industry etc.

PENTA is included in every stage, from the design of the card to its implementation in real-life conditions. PENTA will test the autonomous multisensing card in real, realistic conditions. The results of testing and test implementation are the basic indicators of project quality and performance as well as a roadmap for further development. Penta's major role in the project are activities regarding the dissemination and exploitation.

We will implement the product in our existing solutions, BusCARD and SparkSense. In the BusCARD system we will receive a mobile station for measuring the air quality while we will receive a multi-sensing parking card reader in SparkSense.

The AMANDA project started in January 2019. The duration of the AMANDA project is 3 years and the value of the project is 3,999,625.00 EUR.

Poster of AMANDA project 1.1 MB

The AMANDA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825464