To become a leading system integrator in the area of Automatic Identification systems development, offering market-recognized ICT solutions based on the world's leading technologies to current and potential customers.


Development of top and high-quality ICT solutions useful for the social and business community. 

Customer statisfaction and ther choice of PENTA for business partner in the performance of high-quality ICT solutions.

Automatic Identification System tailored to the needs of each users, provide users achieving more successful business results.

Gathering a team of professionals motivated on the quality improvement of business processes, excellence and innovations.


The greatest value, strength and basis of our success are our people: a team of around twenty professionals creates high-quality and recognizable ICT solutions from technologial achievements, using their expertise, competencies and creativity. We care about the satisfaction of employees by creating a positive working environment and conditions in which every employee has an opportunity for personal and professional progress.  We also give special attention stimulating innovativeness, therefore more than half of the professionals are working on the development of new solutions and services, and through continuous training, education accompanied by high motivation, we stimulate the creativity of all departments and consequently achieve business excellence.


Since the company founding innovation has been the main guiding principle of our business, the mindset of our employees as well as the starting point for each project that is being launched and managed.


By the continued adoption of new skills, as well as by the creative and responsible approach of our employees, we develop IT systems based on new technologies.


The systems we offer have been designed by taking into consideration the needs and requirements of individual customer, therefore these solutions are by its nature flexible: it can be modified as well as upgraded with additional features. Customer satisfaction thus becomes primary objective of our business.


The precondition for quality project is business excellence, hence in each phase of development we apply methodologically a range of prevention measures to make the system as a final product fulfills expectations and customer requirements. Therefore, the focus is on the quality of the whole development process as well as  on the continued adoption of new knowledge in the IT area, all for the purpose to provide quality offers for current and potential customers.