Within the framework of the call "Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector", within group 3 "Encouraging the development of products and services and business models in ecosystems in the tourism value chain that contribute to the green and digital transition and solving key challenges in the tourism sector" grants were awarded for the implementation of the project called CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP. (Operational program: NPOO). The implementation of the CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP project started on June 1, 2023, while the planned completion is on June 1, 2025.

The total value of the CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP project is EUR 1,605,643.63, and the beneficiary is GLAVOTOK d.o.o. implements the project in partnership with the companies PENTA d.o.o. for IT engineering, SENSUM d.o.o. for consulting and 3 E PROJEKTI d.o.o. for services and consulting. The project will implement the following groups of activities: industrial research of innovative business models and applications, experimental development of innovative business models, project management.

The project represents an innovative business model that contributes to solving key challenges in tourism, especially in terms of reducing the risk of climate change and green and digital transition. In this way, the project contributes to a more sustainable and resilient tourism. The goal of the project is research and development of an innovative application and business model that reduces CO2 emissions, minimizes the impact on the environment, increases resistance to the risks of climate change, and prioritizes circular tourism and smarter resource management. The target groups that will be included in the project activities are tourist camps.

The "CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP" project aims to RESEARCH AND DEVELOP AN INNOVATIVE BUSINESS MODEL and INNOVATIVE APPLICATION for the purpose of reducing the negative impact of climate change on camping tourism and achieving climate neutrality in the operation of camps through digitalization, all with the aim of their sustainability and adaptation to the needs of the tourism market.

The expected results of the project are (1) developed innovative business model "CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP", (2) developed innovative application "CLIMATE FRIENDLY APP", (3) performed testing of models and applications in a real environment, (4) developed interdisciplinary feasibility study, ( 5) purchased equipment needed for the development of the innovative business model "CLIMATE FRIENDLY CAMP", (6) participation in 2 conferences, (7) registered 2 trademark protections and 1 patent.

Beneficiary: GLAVOTOK d.o.o.
Project partners PENTA d.o.o.
SENSUM d.o.o.
3 E PROJEKTI d.o.o.
The total project value: 1.605.643,63 EUR
Amount co-financed by the EU: 


430.061,16 EUR
Implementation period: 01.06.2023. - 01.06.2025.
Project manager: Duško Radulović (SENSUM d.o.o.)
[email protected]
Technical and development project manager:: Mladen Pamić (PENTA d.o.o.)
[email protected]
Contact: Andrea Mihaljević Pulić (PENTA d.o.o.)
[email protected]