Quality and security are the core principles by which our business is based, therefore we apply the standards that contribute to the achievement of higher levels of solutions and services reliability.


Recognizing the fact that advantage and strength of top-quality companies lies in constant improvement of business processes, we have established a quality management system and successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Although, from its inception, we are continuously investing efforts in the progress of business processes, equipment and people, this time we decided to  confirm it by certification to ISO 9001:2015, and once again demonstrate to our customers and partners that we will ensure them quality services tailored to the specific needs and desires.

The certification confirms that in any moment is konwn who, when and how carries out activities related to the business system optimal functioning, all in order of customer satisfaction improvement and improvement of employees motivation. 


In today's current business environment information is the foundation of every successful business, and therefore aware of the responsibility for achieving a high level of information security with the establishment of a quality management system, we have also decided to implement ISO 27001: 2022 (ISMS, Information Security Management System) as part of Integrated system. By adopting the requirements of this standard, we minimize the risks to a minimum and business processes are happening without loss and abuse of confidential information.

By introducing this standard, we are committed to providing business data protection in all aspects of business by treating ours, as well as our customers information, as secrets, available and keeping their integrity.

With the certificate issued by an independent certification body, we confirm that the information security in our organization is optimally implemented and the established system is continually controlled at all levels.

Certification of both systems according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2022 was carried out by the Certification Body of ITC Universal Adria d.o.o., a member of ITC CERT LTD. 


A systematic approach to occupational health and safety management is of great importance for both employers and employees. It is the basis for a partnership in addressing this important area of work and labor relations.

Bearing in mind that our business's sustainability depends on a safe and healthy working environment and that it is important to take and effectively implement measures to protect health and ensure working conditions, we decided to implement the ISO standard 45001:2018.

By introducing this standard, we are committed to continuously working to protect the health and safety of our employees, and consistently meet all legal requirements in the field of occupational safety and fire protection.

With the obtained certificate, we confirm that all health protection measures and safe working conditions are systematically implemented in our organization, with continuous monitoring of all risks.


As a company, we are continuously developing and have successfully implemented numerous innovative solutions aimed at environmental protection. Considering that, we decided to establish an environmental management system and successfully certified according to ISO 14001: 2015.

By applying this standard, we have committed ourselves to manage our environmental responsibilities systematically and thus contribute to environmental sustainability.

This certificate issued by an independent certification body confirms that we respect all applicable laws governing this area and that the established system is continuously monitored at all levels.

The certification of the integrated system was carried out by the certification body ITC Universal Adria d.o.o., a member of ITC CERT LTD.