AI in focus: 3rd Let's Grow conference held in Pula

Published: 23.5.2024.

AI in focus: 3rd Let's Grow conference held in Pula

On Wednesday, May 15, the third major IT conference, "Let's Grow," was held at the Park Plaza Histria Hotel in Pula under the organisation of the ICT Istria association. The main focus was on the application of artificial intelligence in the leading sectors represented in Istria, as well as employment opportunities in the IT sector and career development.

Penta, as one of the members and founders of the association ICT Istra, at the exhibition stand presented to the participants the innovations and solutions, such as smart parking systems, the city card solution, the e-ticketing system for payment in public transport, bike sharing systems and other solutions that it develops exclusively according to the requirements of individual users. The participants had the opportunity to listen to our representative, Oskar Vujičić, in the panel "Myths and truths about AI" and find out in which ways and in which projects Penta uses artificial intelligence algorithms.

This year's ICT conference, "Let's Grow!" with a carefully designed and rich program, brought the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and a wide range of interesting topics closer to visitors. It brought together more than 20 expert lecturers, including prominent Croatian experts who led discussions on artificial intelligence with their knowledge and experience. Furthermore, in addition to getting to know 12 exhibitors from Istrian ICT companies, visitors had the opportunity to participate in competitions in the Fantastic Esports Gaming Area, as well as the Show program area, in which a debugging duel was held. Students had the opportunity to personally introduce themselves to employers from the ICT sector, including a representative of Penta.

The most visited conversations were definitely the Fireside chat with Korado Korlević, a famous Croatian scientist and astronomer, and the Fireside chat with the co-founder and director of Mindsmiths Mislav Malenica and Aleksandar Stanković. In the intriguing discussion, "Artificial intelligence does not exist?" Korado Korlević opened the fundamental question about the perception of AI. In a characteristic way, he pointed out at the very beginning that "Nobody ever said it exists" and added that it is a matter of perception, and what should concern us is the fact that artificial intelligence can develop self-awareness.

This was another in a series of successful IT conferences organised by the ICT Istria, which provided an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills and establish important contacts and cooperation that will shape the future of artificial intelligence in our society. The co-organiser of the Let's Grow conference is the County of Istria, while the partners are the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the City of Pula, Arena Hospitality Group and PBZ.