METRO project: Installation of interactive screens in Pula, Rabac and Poreč

Published: 06.4.2021.

METRO project: Installation of interactive screens in Pula, Rabac and Poreč

Last week, new interactive screens were launched in Pula, Rabac and Poreč, which resulted from excellent cooperation between PENTA d.o.o. and Istrian Development Agency - IDA with the cities of Pula, Labin, Poreč, local tourist boards, port authorities. The installation of interactive screens is part of the METRO (Maritime Environment friendly TRanspOrt systems) project funded under the Italy-Croatia cross-border cooperation program, and seeks to improve quality, safety and sustainability in maritime and coastal transport in Italy and Croatia. The total value of the investment is slightly more than 350,000.00 HRK, and the main goal is to raise the level of customer service, informing them about transport options and the entire tourist offer, depending on the location where the screen is placed.

The most frequent locations were chosen for the places where the interactive screens will be placed, so in Pula, the screen was set in the area of the Rijeka pier, in Poreč in the highly visited Peškera bay, while the third screen was placed in Rabac on the Rabac waterfront.

The interactive screen provides visitors with crucial and valuable information in one place, in an exciting and modern way, and makes it easier to navigate the city since a detailed city plan is available on each screen. At the same time, it enables cities as tourist destinations to keep up with innovations and recognize visitors' needs and desires. It is important to note that the screens are multilingual and provide information on transportation options in the city, cultural and archaeological sites, tourist events. Also on them are available information about accommodation (hotels, apartments, camps), the necessary contacts, and information about the rich restaurant offer. Given the current epidemiological situation and the possible transmission of COVID-19 disease, interactive screens provide detailed information on the measures taken to provide visitors with a safe and comfortable stay in our country's destinations.

An intuitive CMS system (Content Management System) has been set up to manage and update the screen layout, add new audio and visual content. All interactive screens also have built-in side shelves for storing mobile phones with a USB socket for charging mobile phones, while screens set up in Poreč and Rabac also have a charger for electric vehicles and bicycles, with a built-in LCD screen for monitoring charging status.

You can also find more information about the project at the following links: