National Cultural Card of Montenegro

Published: 15.9.2020.

National Cultural Card of Montenegro

Improvement and development of culture in all its segments is one of the main goals of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, therefore certain activities today are aimed at active interaction with the ICT sector. Excellent cooperation of the Ministry with the company Penta and the company Crnogorski Telekom resulted in an innovative solution - the National Cultural Card of Montenegro.

The main goal of the project was the development of a new product - the National Cultural Card, with which tourists and citizens of Montenegro achieve the right to visit cultural institutions of Montenegro. For the purposes of this project, Penta supplied hardware (HW) equipment that includes system servers, retail cash registers, handheld computers for entry control/validation, as well as software (SW) that includes an integrated ticket sales system, tourist card production and civil cultural cards, entry control system via handheld computers and video surveillance. The implemented system also supports the online purchase of tickets.

The National Cultural Card project enables the centralization and unification of the offer of cultural institutions of Montenegro, encouraging the use of cultural products and services by citizens and tourists through enhanced marketing activities and loyalty program. It also enables centralized records of entries and calculation of the distribution of revenues by cultural units, detailed records of revenues by points of sale, as well as the possibility of a more realistic distribution of subsidies related to the number of entries by cultural units. Eight cultural units (museums) are included in the project of the National Cultural Card within the National Museum of Montenegro, and the connection of the Public Institution Museums and Galleries in Nikšić is in the process. The Cetinje City Card is also connected to the National Cultural Card System of Montenegro. Holders of the Cetinje City Card have the right to visit cultural institutions within the National Museum of Montenegro.

The National Cultural Card project will certainly enrich the cultural offer and popularize the rich cultural heritage of Montenegro, and at the same time contribute to the sustainability and protection of valuable heritage under the protection of UNESCO, as well as improve the quality of life of the local population.