Promotional film of the SUNSAFE IoT project

Published: 31.7.2023.

Promotional film of the SUNSAFE IoT project

As part of the SUNSAFE IoT project, a promotional video was made, which was filmed for the purposes of project publicity and visibility, as well as informing the public about EU support through the allocation of grants. The video is available on our official YouTube channel at the following link The goal of the project was the development of a SUNSAFE IoT solution as a result of the implementation of research, development and innovation activities, which in its purpose corresponds to the needs of the tourism sector, based on innovative technologies based on the development of advanced sensor networks in the environment of the Internet of Things, management and analysis of large quantities data and cloud solutions.

Money, glasses, wallet, cell phone, keys or personal documents are just some of the valuables you have to worry about when you are at the beach, so a device like the SUNSAFE IoT beach safe makes a unique and innovative solution to increase safety on the beaches and then offers much more. The SUNSAFE IoT device is a combination of a beach table, a safe, a mobile phone charger and a source of beach information available via a mobile application, which is used both on beaches by the sea, rivers and lakes, as well as on artificially constructed swimming pools, water parks, etc. SUNSAFE IoT is energy independent by using solar energy and uses the collected energy to power the controller, open the electronic lock, and charge the stored mobile phone in the safe.

SUNSAFE IoT mobile application allows you to view free spots and equipment on the beach, choose the desired spot and equipment, make a reservation and pay, and after the reservation process is completed - enter your code to open the beach safe, which is automatically transmitted to the device itself via IoT communication and activates the light (red) indication that the safety box is occupied. The mobile application also enables the automatic reporting of incidents, such as the appearance of jellyfish, insects, and broken glass on the beach, and after verification by the staff, such information is delivered to all registered users. In the same way, users of the mobile application receive other information from the beach collected through sensors installed in the access point, which are collected and processed through the platform, and if the machine algorithm detects values outside the usual, the application users receive messages such as, for example, dangerous levels of UV radiation or the unexpected occurrence of strong wind or sea waves.

This film marks the successful completion of the project and aims to summarize the results of the SUNSAFE IoT project and inform the public about them. SUNSAFE IoT is the ideal solution for a safe day at the beach!
Implementation of the SUNSAFE IoT project began on January 18, 2021, and ended on June 18, 2023, as part of the Call for Project Proposals "Increasing the development of new products and services resulting from research and development activities - Phase II", financed by the European Regional Development Fund.