Turnstile Full Gate or swing door is used in places and in the environment where the use of force will probably be required, therefore these devices are expected to be firm, durable and aesthetics and design go to another plan.

Swing doors are the perfect solution for passage control of a large number of people and they work without any additional workforce or personnel standing next to them. They are designed for open, roofed or closed spaces and become an ideal system of technical protection at airports, stadiums, railway stations, business centers, ports...

There are two versions as one or two pass door depending on user requirements and the environment where they are applied. If there is also the massive fence, it is completely prevented from bursting, climbing, skiping and violent passage.

Swing doors are designed so they can not be pushed or damaged by human strength and thus send a clear message to all visitors, such as stadiums before the match, that there is no purpose using force for unauthorized passage, as physically it is not possible.

Considering that the swing doors are a complex pass-through solution, every user is accessed by consulting, listening to his requests and projecting the right solution or pass control system depending on the environment in which they will be run.


  • possible integration with various card readers and auxiliary devices (eg persons entry/exit counters) all in order to create a reliable pass-through system
  • self-centering mechanism for longer lifetime and greater user satisfaction
  • welded construction, one-piece, no screws and nuts that allows longer life and prevents wear and tear of the device
  • possible change of settings, direction of rotation according to user's request
  • horizontal removal of the roof cover under the mechanism, in purpose of easier and faster maintenance
  • a rotating cross designed to prevent two people from moving through the barrier in the same rotation


Technical Charasteristics Turnstile Full Gate

EXECUTION AISI 304 certified stainless steel (EN 10082-2 Grade 1G/2G)
Option of painted sheet metal rotor
FEATURES Bi-directional access information monitored by electronic microprocessor. 
Adjustable opening and closing intervals, configured via electronic card
MECHANISM Monoblock construction mechanism with control cams that are treated with AISI 304 grade
stainless steel.
POWER 220 Vac 60 Hz Switch mode supply. Max 100 Watts operational power. Max 24 Vdc internal
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -4°F/+122°F (-20°C / +50°C) temperature range. Can operate even in -40°F (-40°C) with
thermostat-equipped optional external heater
HUMIDITY max. 95%
SAFETY In power failures or when an emergency signal is issued, the rotor and the turnstile arms
turn freely without any resistance to allow free access