PARKTICKER is not just a parking machine, but it is an universal ticket machine, ticket vending machine, designed with the aim to enable easy installation, programming operating parameters by the operator and unambiguous and easy use. Hardware and software was developed and customized in manner that the operator and PARKTICKER users save time of deployment and to ease the daily use of ticket vending machine.

PARKTICKER consists of original electronic components of our respected partners (Custom, JCM, Alberici, Ingenico) that with its quality guarantee reliability and compatibility with the selected peripheral units and control unit, software in own development which enables a high degree of modularity and customization to specific requirements of the operator/users.

PARKTICKER is delivered in a specially welded stainless steel housing and with reliable set of locks built in a way to prevent violent opening of ticket vending machine, and the final layer of the housing is painted by electrostatic powder painting process in order to protect the housing of machine from any kind of weather conditions.


Ticker is unique in its ability to issue any type of ticket it has been programmed for: bus, tram or any other form of public transport or service.Tickets can be printed on standard 80 gr. thermal paper or on cards up to 220 gr. Ticker can be integrated with any other automation system already in use, with OFF STREET parking system (with barriers) or other parking payment system.

Universal Payment/Collection

Ticker can be used for any type of payment that the system manager requires: fines, administrative payments, permits, etc. The system produces local or remote reports summarizing all the operations carried out. The 12-key keyboard is like the one familiar from cell phones, enabling payments to be made simply and rapidly.


Apart from all what is found in normal parking machine (coin reader and escrow), Ticker has qualities that make it unique thanks to its six-channel change dispenser an highly visible 5.7” graphic display, complete MP3 voice synthesizer, stainless steel 304/316 vandal-proof keyboard, reprogrammable locks for management access. Ticker’s range can be enlarged by further functions: bills reader, wireless or contact electronic card reader, credit card reader, NFC reader, barcode reader for various services payment or interfacing with other OFF STREET parking system with barriers, integrated solar panel, quad band modem, second printer for differentiated ticket emission, 12-key keyboard for payment of fines or limited traffic zone access permits. Ticker can be customized with colors and images for specific communication needs.


Ticker’s software allows the system manager immediate and simple remote control and management using any of the currently available communication networks: GSM, GRPS, UMTS, Bluetooth, etc. When there is a malfunction or breakdown, the management software sends an alarm message so that the maintenance staff can intervene in a rapid and targeted way.

Barcode Option

Ticker adopts a variety of bar code applications (1D/2D barcodes) it can interface with any other automation system, for example, using the same ticket for on-street parking or parking lots with exit barriers, but also for payment of event tickets which have 2D barcode


The complete version of Ticker includes a 17” LCD monitor with an anti-glare, and vandal-proof screen which can be used to transmit videos AVI thanks to a locally or remotely activated PC inserted inside the device. This enables the system to supply advertising and local public utility information to a large number of user contacts at zero cost, for example, information on museums and parking, pharmacies open at night or on holidays or timetables and public transport schemes

Service And Assistance

Ticker is designed in order to limit maintenance costs, including spare parts costs, thanks to the proprietary management electronics. For customers we offer technical assistance 24/7, using specialized staff that will intervene by telephone or on the spot as required. A remote programming service is also available free on demand.


PARKTICKER Tehnical Characteristics
CPU, MEMORY ARM-A8, SRAM 512KB – SPI serial Flash memory 1MB, Flash memory: 1GB SD card
BATTERY 3.6V, lithium for RTC (real time clock) i SPI memory durable for 5 years
DISPLAY LCD reflective 5.7 inch, Blue color, 1/4 VGA, 320x240 with LED
AUDIO USB/MP3 player with built-in audio amplifier and 5W speaker
COMM. INTERFACE 2x RS232/RS485, 1x ETHERNET 10/100Mbps, 2x USB
KEYBOARD antivandal (INOX 304/316) keyboard and backlit function keys
LANGUAGE button select and completely programmable
SW MANAGEMENT Windows compatible - MSSQL Database - Private Web Sever
PAYMENT coins: 5kn, 2kn, 1kn, 50lp; bills: 10kn, 20kn, 50kn, 100kn; credit cards: contact, magnetic, contactless/NFC cards
INSERT COIN LOCK antipin system
COIN DETECTOR speed detection up to max. 5 coins/sec with refusing accept and returning of non-programmed coins or currency
ESCROW 6 coin storage - Escrow funkcija
ESCROW max. 40 coins by transaction
BILLS DETECTOR 4 sec/bills with accept in 4 wais
PRINTER 1 Thermal paper max 60mm - 100 gr/mq
PRINTER 2 Thermal paper max 60mm - 240gr/mq
SENSOR Optical
PAPER 20/58 mm (internal hole) - 200 mm (esternal diameter)
DIMENSIONS w 465 mm, h 1690mm (2030mm with s.panel), d 285 mm
PAINTING Epoxy powder for external
RAL 5005/5017 - RAL 9002
WEIGHT 120 kg standard ver., 133 Kg (solar panel ver.)
INTERIOR CASSA multistage protection with tank for coins
OPERATING TEMP. -25°C/+70°C, 95% non-condensing
BATTERY VERSION battery Pb Gel 12VDC/75Ah – standard ver.
SOLAR PANEL VERSION panel 12VDC/20W at inox housing with battery Pb Gel 12VDC/75Ah
NET VERSION 110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz with battery  charger 12VDC/35Ah