SPARK Video Access is an integrated vehicle license plate recognition system and passage control application. It enables vehicle detection using automated car recognition system and its application in video surveillance and access control systems, charging at the parking lots, in garages, autocamps, theft prevention, toll/bridge/tunnel payment.

Greater efficiency, lower cost, higher levels of safety for the vehicles and its owners are the main goals of SPARK Video Access system, which by automated recognition of the logo tag offers a highly customizable solution in payment and access control systems as well as lower maintenance costs, including reduction of the need for consumables (ribons, ticketing...).

SPARK Video Access system enables, in conjuction with a PC, storage of registrations, event date and vehicle images in the database, as well as the use of these data for processing and calculation of parking time, vehicle passage supervision, analysis and parking statistics.

The classic installation of the system consists of an All-in-One video camera (camera, OCR microcontroller, IR illuminator) that is easily configured via the built-in Web server, and the vehicle presence detector located in the carriageway before the ramp. Vehicle detector starts the process of recognizing the license plate when the vehicle arrives to the ramp, after that the video camera sends the image of the vehicle to a PC that processes the image, detects and recognizes the signs on the license plate, writes data and a vehicle image into the database and lifted the ramp.

On the exit, the previous process is repeated, only this time, input and output data are being compared, the parking time is calculating and the exit ramp is being lifted by the parking charge.

Before lifting the ramp and by the recognizing the license plate, system is researching the database by the license plate for which the passage is allowed. If the license plate is found, the computer lift the ramp or if the license plate is not found the computer will activate the alarm.

After review of the archive of events allows the system administrator to efficiently supervise the system and the complains as well as monitor the work of the operator and parking lot users.

Considering that the video camera has an integrated IR illuminuator, weather disturbane or time of the day does not affect the reliability and operation of the system since it emits infrared light that enables high-quality camera operation and even in case of reduces visibilty.


  • All-in-one (Camera, OCR microcontroller, IR illuminator)
  • simple configuration via embedded Web server
  • data transfer to two different IP addresses
  • black or white lists of registered vehicles stored in the controller
  • processing speed up to 25fps in real time
  • distance detection: 3.5-6m
  • embedded slot for a MicroSD memory card up to 32GB
  • ports: Ethernet, digital I/Os, RS485 serial port
  • option: Flash/LED external illumination
  • waterproof IP66 housing supplied with carriers


Integrated Application Features

SIGN RECOGNITION   integrated Croatian and European OCR engine 
SPEED DETECTION up to 25 fps
WEB SERVER installation and configuration via integrated Web Server
TCP/IP SERVER configuration and control over TCP/IP
DATE AND TIME SNTP synchronization
NEW VERSIONS  upgrade via WEB - SPARK communication interface
FTP FTP client - FTP server mode with the ability to manage up to two IP addresses simultaneously
TCP/IP SPARK TCP/IP protocol with the ability to manage up to two IP addresses simultaneously
SERIAL PORT RS-485, optoisolated
FREE MODE continous processing of detected registration labels
TRIGERED MODE single license plates detection by an Ethernet command or an external inductive loop


Technical characteristics

VIDEO CAMERA 1280x960 monochrome CCD sensor
BRIGHTNESS 3 high power LEDs, IR @ 850 nm
LENS C-Mount: 9 mm or 12.5 mm
OPERATING SYSTEM Embedded LBOS (Linux Based Operating System)
DIGITAL PORT 1 optoisolated input - 2 relay outputs
CONNECTORS  DIN, waterproof, round
ETHERNET Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s 
SERIAL PORT RS485 optoisolated
MEMORY MicroSD up to 32 GB (supplied with 4 GB card) 
HUMIDITY 10% to 90% non-condensed
STORAGE HUMIDITY 10% do 90% non-condensed
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) / WEIGHT 125x109x403 mm / 3 kg
PROTECTION waterproof