Equipment as well as vehicles at parking lots are often subjects of unpleasant situations caused by individuals which has intesified the need and interest in introducing a video surveillance systems over the last few years.

Thanks to the development of digital technology, nowadays it is very simple and profitable to implement a video surveillance system that not only allows the operator to supervise real-time events in the parking lot, but the events are digitally recorded on the hard disk drive, which allows later review on a very easy and simple way – by filtering records by location, time, event or combined.

The system supports one (1) to a maximum of sixteen (16) cameras connected to the computer network of the parking system via LAN network and the stored recordings of the disc recorder are displayed on the computer screen.

Micro Digital Compact A700 camera proved to be an excellent choice for outdoor installation thanks to 2.8 – 12 mm varifocal lens, high sensitivity, resolution over 700 TV lines and an IR range of 40 meters. Installation is possible in all three axes and is waterproof according to IP66 protection level.

Functions of SPARK VIDcam program:

  • Supports operation up to 16 vifro cameras
  • MPEG4 compression of video records and images of the events
  • Reproduction of recorded data with the ability to search by location, time and event or combined
  • Server configuration adjustment
  • Automatic erase of old records
  • Movement detection
  • Direct control of peripherals such as ramps, doors, sirens etc.